The Planet’s 24 Largest Social Media Sites, And Where Their Next Wave Of Growth Will Come From


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The Planet’s 24 Largest Social Media Sites, And Where Their Next Wave Of Growth Will Come From

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BII top global social properties

BI Intelligence


Social media transcends geography, and the sheer scale and diversity of audiences on the sites makes them tremendously important.


It’s no longer all about Facebook. Instead, users in some of the biggest countries are gravitating to regional sites. Others are heading en masse to U.S.-based networks, meaning that some of the largest social sites are global communities first and foremost.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we compare the world’s largest social networks in two ways. First, we evaluate the biggest properties side-by-side in terms of total audience size. Then we analyze the markets where each has the most growth potential, and their demographics in terms of country-of-origin.

Here are 10 of the most surprising facts from our first annual global media census:

Access The Full Report And All Our Social Media Data By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today>>

In full, the report:

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5 Powerful Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

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English: Screenshot of the social media toolbox for fundraising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Highest education productivity growth rate sin...

Highest education productivity growth rate since series began (Photo credit: statisticsons)

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 Powerful Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

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5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

There are so many problems that can arise when you’re trying to be a successful blogger. Maybe you can’t figure out what you want to write about. You might be suffering from writer’s block. You might get easily distracted while doing your Internet research. Do you plan out your writing to make it easier on you? Do you have goals and schedules set for your writing? Do you have some favorite productivity tools that you use? Following are some tips to help you in your journey of becoming a more productive blogger.

#1. Write

Have you ever stared at a blank page in your WordPress blog trying to decide what to write? “Blank page syndrome” is one of the biggest causes of loss of productivity when it comes to writing. Writing content is easy when you know what you’re writing about or you have an idea on how to get started. And often getting started is the problem.

So how do you get started?

This is going to sound weird, but the simplest way to get started blogging is to just get started. Open up a blank page and write anything that comes to mind. Steer it towards the topic you need to write about if you can, but you don’t have to. The idea here is to jump-start your thinking process. At some seemingly miraculous point during your writing you’ll have an idea and that idea will blossom and become that article or short story you need to get written. This process is called free writing and has been used for years to fix all manner of writer’s block.

Censor the inner editor

The idea behind the inner editor goes well with the idea of free writing. The concept is that when you write, you need to forget spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Don’t even worry about the exact order of the information. When you need to write, you just write. When you are done writing, you edit.

Don’t throw it out

Before you found that piece of writing hiding in your mind, you wrote stuff. It may be silly stuff. It may be stuff that makes no sense at all. It doesn’t matter. Save it. Read it again in the future. Something in there triggered an epiphany that saved you from the problem of getting started.

That same something or even a different something in the same writing might help again in the future. Maybe you want to write something fresh and new that isn’t in your editorial calendar. Free writes are treasures waiting to be polished.

Keep writing

Don’t stop now. Keep writing. Write every single day. Write for a set period of time every day. Writing is like any other skill. You have to keep practicing. You will get better. You’ll find your voice. But if you quit writing, there is a good chance that one day in the near future you’ll be sitting in front of a blank page trying to remember how to get started writing.

There’s the old saying, “use it or lose it.”

That goes for writing too.

#2. Avoid Distractions

Distractions are probably the second most common cause of productivity problems when you are blogging. They are especially common as you will be sat on your laptop and you need to do some online research for your next post, but the location where you write can be distracting too, if you’re not careful.

Avoid social media

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be great places to do some networking as a writer. You can meet other writers. You can find clients if you’re a freelance writer. You can find publishers. Or you can just have a little fun “hanging out” with your Internet buddies. But when you are supposed to be writing, you need to stay away from these places. It’s also a good idea to turn off notifications on your mobile phone too.

I have only found one use for social media sites when I’m in the process of writing: asking questions. Maybe you need that one little suggestion to get the ideas flowing. Social media sites are great places to ask those questions. But once you ask that question, it’s time to leave. Don’t just sit there waiting for answers. Go write something else.

Only check every once in a while.

Turn off your e-mail

E-mail is a wonderful tool for communicating with others but it is also a time sink that can destroy your productivity. It can be as bad as social media and sometimes it can be much worse. Make sure to schedule an hour or so per day to deal with e-mail. If it takes you more time than that, you might want to look into unsubscribing from a lot of services or hiring someone to help.

The key to keeping e-mail from being a distraction is to get the e-mails out of your inbox quickly. A simple way to do that is to take a tip from masters of getting things done. Create three folders called Follow-Up, Waiting and Hold.

Anything in your inbox that needs to be answered or dealt with goes into the Follow-Up folder. Anything that is waiting for a response or action from someone else goes into Waiting. E-mails that contain information you’ll need soon go into Hold. Anything else can just be archived or deleted immediately make sure you’re using an e-mail service with a great spam filter.

5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

You can also try using another system such as inbox zero which a lot of people find works for them.


You need to pick a location to write that has the least amount of distractions possible. Don’t write in the living room if the family is watching television. Don’t write at a coffee house unless you have a way to keep your surroundings from distracting you. Music is a great way to drown out the distractions as long as you have a selection of music that doesn’t actually add to the distractions.

This is probably unique to me.  I was working one day at my desk in my attic and I found the rain bouncing off the roof a soothing sound. I then actually found a website that plays the sound of rain a few months ago and often listen to it when I need to give something my complete focus.

So find what works for you and stick to it.

#3. Plan

Once you have your idea, it is time to plan. You need to spend a few minutes getting an outline done. The outline, in this case, does not even need to follow any specific rules. The concept of an outline before writing it is breaking up the writing into smaller chunks that are easier to write.

For example, if you want to write a 2000 word article on shopping tips for the holidays, you might start with a list of five major topics you want to cover. Then you would take each topic and come up with more specific topics that fall under each one. Instead of writing a 2000 word article, you are now writing a 100 word introduction, a 100 word conclusion and five smaller articles that are less than 400 words each.

It makes it simple

Planning may not sound like much, and it’s not. It doesn’t take much time at all. However, it makes the process of writing so much easier. Remember that at the beginning you learned that finding a topic or idea is the hardest part of writing. An outline provides several topics and ideas and makes it simple to just write until the project is done. And don’t worry if you don’t hit the word count you planned out. Sometimes you will write more about a subtopic and sometimes you will write less. It tends to even out over the entire project.

#4. Set Goals and Schedules

Blogging is a job just like any other. You need to set your own deadlines but the time of day and exact hours you write are all up to you.

You absolutely must set a schedule. Pick a specific time of the day to work and don’t let anything get in the way of that schedule. Act like you are working at a normal job. Would your boss be happy if you decided to watch a television show while at work?

5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger 3

You are your own boss, so you shouldn’t be happy if you watch another episode of that show on Netflix during work hours. The beauty of being a writer with only a deadline is that you get to pick your own hours. Are you a night owl? Do you stay awake from midnight to six in the morning? Make those your writing hours. Are you more comfortable writing in your pajamas when you first get up in the morning? As long as your writing does not need to be done in an office environment, feel free. The important part is picking a schedule and sticking to it. Make it a routine.

Set firm goals

Goals are just as important as schedules. A schedule tells you when you are going to do the work. Goals let you know how much work needs to be done in the time available. Do you need to publish five or six 1500 word articles per week? Then that is a goal. Pick your goals and stick to them.

You need to stick to our goals and schedule. However, you also need to be reasonable with those goals and schedules. If you find you can’t write six articles per week, then you either need to look at adjusting your goals or schedule. Decide which is more important: the goal or the schedule, and then modify to fit.

#5. Use Productivity Tools

There are tons of tools out there that can be utilized by authors to make their time much more productive. Here are three tools worth considering:

1. Evernote

Remember the free writes? Evernote would be a great place to store those. With Evernote you can clip just about anything you see online or even your mobile phone and store it in a searchable and taggable environment. Store your free writes. Create a notebook for each project and clip pieces of research into the project it goes with. Evernote is an excellent tool for organizing any kind of information. When you are doing your research, you really shouldn’t be without it.

5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

If you’re interested in learning more about Evernote you should check out this post on using Evernote to be a more productive blogger.

2. Stayfocused

Everyone does it. They’re researching an article and they see a link to something on Facebook. They follow that link and suddenly they’ve spent two hours just browsing through Facebook and Twitter and now you’ve wasted half of your scheduled writing time. Stayfocusd is a Chrome plugin.5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

Avoiding those distractions is so much easier when you have a tool that won’t even let you go to those distractions in the first place. You can set a specific amount of time you are allowed to visit a certain site each day and when that time is used up, Stayfocusd blocks you from going there. It’s brilliant and it’s free.

3. Trello

Trello is another place to store information. It is amazing for organizing projects such as major articles. And the part that makes Trello stand out is the fact that you can have other people working on Trello with you. Collaborations are so much easier to do when everyone involved is seeing the progress of the project and able to add their own spin on the project in real time. Imagine having an article and a video that need to be done.

5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Blogger

You’re writing the article and someone else is providing the video. If you both set up the project on Trello, he can see what you are doing with the writing and adjust the video to fit better while you can adjust the writing to fit his progress on the video.


Write. Avoid distractions. Plan. Set goals and schedules. Use productivity tools. Those are five ways to stay productive while writing. There are probably many more. Feel free to use these ideas and tips to make your own system of productivity. Maybe only one of these ideas works for you but you have ways to tweak the others to work for you too. You can do that. It’s your writing time.

Find the way to make it work best for you. No two people are the same, and that includes their productivity.


It is all about Branding: 10 Reasons to Not Roll Your Eyes at Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

English: Lady Gaga performing live on The Mons...

English: Lady Gaga performing live on The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden in February (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Gaga performing "Glitter and Gre...

English: Gaga performing “Glitter and Grease” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Lady Gaga performing "The Fame&q...

English: Lady Gaga performing “The Fame” on the revamped Monster Ball show. Magyar: Lady Gaga a The Fame előadása közben a The Monster Ball Tour világ körüli változatán. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the Road

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on the Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lady Gaga - Artpop

Lady Gaga – Artpop (Photo credit: AlexKormisPS (ALM))

English: Lady Gaga performing "Monster&qu...

English: Lady Gaga performing “Monster” on the revamped Monster Ball show. Magyar: Lady Gaga a Monster-t énekli a megújított The Monster Ball turnén. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball...

English: Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour in Minneapolis, MN at the Fine Line Music Café. Remastered with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rock Genius The #1 place for rock/indie/pop lyrics and more.



10 Reasons to Not Roll Your Eyes at Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

Posted: 11/17/2013 3:56 pm


By Ericka Welch

When you’re the biggest star in the world, it’s hard to keep people interested. When the challenges of your day include asking Cher to hold your meat purse and arriving to the Grammys in an egg (let’s not even talk about Gaga in Space), it’s even harder to avoid the kinds of jaded criticism Lady Gaga has attracted since her muffin-bluffin’ debut. Lady Gaga has everything to lose with ARTPOP, as the favorable media coverage about her has dwindled amongst Madonna shade, toke-related weight gain, broken hips, Katy Perry rivalry, and a general public perception of being over her “reductive gimmick.” While it certainly would’ve been easier to go the Prism route, Gaga accepts that she is going to alienate much of the Top 40 crowd by focusing on the ART and the POP. Really: how many people have conversational knowledge of Jeff Koons and have experienced the addictive thrill of performing for a sold out Madison Square Garden? ARTPOP is Gaga’s point of ultimate trans-genre superstardom and bizarreness; it’s her Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, her Mechanical Animals. Her ARTPOP could mean anything.

Gaga begins the album off strong with “Aura,” the somewhat controversial song originally titled “Burqa.” The song on leaked on the internet in August, when Gaga was still coming out of her Twitter exile and it shows. Lyrics like “Enigma popstar is fun, she wear burqa for fashion” directly address the album’s central theme of displacing meaning. By situating the song as ARTPOP‘s first track, she addresses the inevitable scrutiny she faces and reminds the listener that much of Lady Gaga is an aura. The burqa in the song, appropriative but certainly not meant as a pastiche, acts as Gaga’s covering from the scruples of those who aim to strip her naked by digging too deeply into her personal life and her music. Gaga hides “behind the aura” to separate Lady Gaga the concept, the “enigma popstar” the news media hopes to martyr, from Lady Gaga the woman.

With its nonsensical planetary lyrics (“Aphrodite lady seashell bikini garden panty”) and ’70s-esque synth-packed beat, “Venus” may or may not be Lady Gaga’s demo for the new Sailor Moon theme song. The back-to-basics Gaga certainly isn’t presenting ARTPOP‘s Derrida-inspired multiple meanings philosophy by any means with the track, but its simple-as-pie funk-tastic composition brings to mind tracks on The Fame. Lyrics like “Mercury, Venus, Uranus – Don’t you know my ass is famous!?” show that the creator of what NME Magazine called “the most pretentious album ever” still has a sense of humor.

(ARTPOP album artwork via Jeff Koons)

“G.U.Y.” (or “Girl Under You”) is beyond lyrically engaging, acting both as a “power-bottom anthem” and a gender obfuscation opus dripping with sticky sex. Contributing toARTPOP‘s overwhelming sense of personal satisfaction on Gaga’s part, sometimes resulting in a jarring glass wall for the listener, Gaga’s pop chops shine in this jam because her own confidence radiates. She asserts, “I don’t need to be on top to know I’m wanted, ’cause I’m strong enough to know the truth.” It addresses her satisfaction in her current romantic relationship, but the lyric could easily be applied to her superstardom; when Gaga didn’t immediately hit number one on the iTunes chart with “Applause,” detractors rushed to call it an ARTFLOP. “G.U.Y.” shows that Gaga is still one of the smartest musicians in the pop industry, infusing an addictive beat with a smart feminist philosophy.

In “Jewels & Drugs,” Gaga focuses the addictive nature of The Fame, likening it to the allure of, well, jewels and drugs. A precursor to “Applause,” Gaga elaborates on similar themes when she croons, “I admit that my habit’s expensive and you may find it quite offensive. But I won’t die at the hands of another.” Though the song doesn’t always pull of its trap music conceit (Too Short’s “I’m high as hell, tryna have some fuckin’ fun” is worthy of more than a few groans), it certainly doesn’t feel out of place with the rest of ARTPOP’sR&B vibes. It could certainly be worse; both “Cake Like Lady Gaga” and “Dark Horse” are two worse options in different ways. Seriously, T.I. will always be a better score than Juicy J.

“Do What U Want” is an absolutely funky treat of a song that would lose none of its Oizo-esque appeal if it were manufactured solely for the purpose of a Beats by Dre commercial. Emphatically shouting “You can’t stop my voice ’cause you don’t own my life,” Mother Monster seems to be channeling a place of pain last seen in her iTunes Festival performance of “Swine,” providing a powerful, albeit somewhat troubling, anthem for survivors of sexual abuse while continuing the chronicling of her battles with the Fame Monster. The inclusion of R. Kelly crooning “Do what I want with your body” is positively inviting the subtext surrounding the partly-consensual tone of the song, but you better know Kelly “don’t give a fuck.” The lyrics “Write what you want/Say what you want about me” compounded with the bootylicious single cover serve as a lethal cocktail to her critics: kiss my ass.

LADY GAGA – Swinefest 2013 (iTunes Festival 09.01.13) from Videodrome Discothèque onVimeo.
The title track may be its least interesting musically and its most pretentious. Gaga embraces the enigma popstar label in “ARTPOP,” telling the listeners to “Come to me with all your subtext and fantasy.” Self-aware, Gaga keeps playing off of her public criticism as a shameless self-promoter (Born This Way and Farmville, for instance), noting “I try to sell myself, but I am really laughing because I just want the music not the bling.” As ARTPOP is the embodiment of the album’s concept and, therefore, chocked full of the drug-addled non-sequiturs Gaga’s been tweeting since Born This Way. Like a mad scientist trying to create life, Gaga’s experiment to fuse ART and POP sometimes results in overly ambitious deformities with six legs.

If the “Swinefest” iTunes Festival performance of “Swine” was heartbreaking, the hypnotically in-your-face nature of the album version of the song is its vindication. When Perez Hilton tweeted a link to an article purporting he was the subject of this biting jam, it was easy to assume he was flattering himself. With lyrics like, “You’re just a pig inside a human body. Squealer, squealer, squeal out. You’re so disgusting,” it’s not actually such an unbelievable jump. Regardless of the song’s subject, lyrics like “Maybe I should have a little more just to stay out of my mind” betray a sense of sadness that lies just behind the aura.

“Mary Jane Holland” is easily the song the most atmospheric song on the album, shoving a joint in one hand and pulling the other through the “mad-magical” Red Light District of Amsterdam. Gaga snatches off the platinum weave when she and Mary Jane rendezvous, singing “Lady of the ‘Dam won’t be a slave to the blonde or the culture of the popular.” Free as her hair, Gaga elaborates on the special kind of liberty she feels when she transforms into Smoky Gaga: “The grass heats up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout.” As someone whose hair is iconic not for a certain style or color but for the sheer breadth and variety of forms it takes, Gaga going back to Stefani Germanotta brown is perhaps the greatest way in which ARTPOP serves to destroy the image of Gaga so carefully crafted.

Though powerful on its own, the power of “Dope” really comes from the dissonance between its new grating, unintuitive lyrics and the original overly-saccharine “I Wanna Be With You.” The original song, a sweet but boring ode to the pull of the road and the desire for the kind of love someone like Lady Gaga could never have, goes “You lift me up when I feel strong.” The new, vocally affected version is: “Oh, I’ll hate myself until I die.” Even though the lyrics, when placed side by side, read like the manic-depressive highs and lows of an undiagnosed bipolar teenager, each song has its own purpose. “Dope” works as ARTPOP’s “You & I,” an affected and alienating ballad that envelopes the listener in the emotion of the piece.

Perhaps what makes ARTPOP so satisfying is the kind of self-referential (“I don’t speak German, but I try), celebratory toast that “Gypsy” makes so well, with Gaga Springsteen and Jo Calderone clinking glasses of Johnnie Walker. Gaga handles the wanderlust the song mourns rather well, approaching the bitter-sweetness of a crossroads in her relationship with “Like Dorothy on a yellow brick, hope my ruby shoes get me there quick.” Even with the looming sense of loss, Gaga can’t be sad when she sees all the stamps on her passport and realizes that she has the whole world in front of her. Looking to her Little Monsters across the world, Gaga almost reads off a tour itinerary during the song’s outro: “Russia, U.K., Paris. I’m Italian, Asian konpai.” After the album’s emotional low of “Dope” and the somewhat deluded, pitiful nature of “Mary Jane Holland,” ARTPOP needed a “Gypsy” to send it home in time for the applause.

Does ARTPOP shake off the pretention Gaga has worked so hard to dust herself in these last few years? No. But does Gaga come like a phoenix from the ashes, soaking up the applause (and the occasional “yass!”)? Absolutely.

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An Insider’s Guide to Social Contest Platforms

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Piqora as depicted in Crunc...

Image by None via CrunchBase

English: A collage of an image modified with 1...

English: A collage of an image modified with 16 different Instagram filters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: a man during the 2011 Egyptian protes...

English: a man during the 2011 Egyptian protests carrying a card saying “Facebook, #jan25, The Egyptian Social Network” illustrating the vital role played by social networks in initiating the uprising. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Insider’s Guide to Social Contest Platforms

One of the best ways for brands to garner visibility on the social Web is with promotions like contests and sweepstakes. The rules and regulations of social networks, however, can turn this fun task into a rather large headache. For instance, Pinterest recently announced updates to its Acceptable Use Policy that put numerous restrictions on brands running contests and sweepstakes on the image-based social network. One of the rules prohibits brands from running contests that require participants to Pin from a specific selection, like a website or a list of pins. Conversely, brands on Facebook cannot ask their audience to share promotions on personal Timelines (including their own) as a way to enter a contest. That being said, staying compliant with social network rules is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Brands must also take into consideration how they will track contest entries, host contest terms and conditions and announce winners. Luckily, there are a variety of platforms on the ‘Net that can ease the social promotion process – helping brands with everything from the content landing page to their marketing. Learn more about these platforms and their features below:


Supports Contests On: Facebook+ Brands can run a variety of social promotions via Wishpond’s Contest Apps on their Facebook Pages, including contests for Pinterest and Instagram. This means, for example, that brands can create a Pin-to-Win contest that is actually hosted on Facebook. Aside from multi-channel contests, it is important to note that Wishpond’s robust Contest Apps are compatible with mobile devices, are compliant with Facebook guidelines, can be embedded on websites, enable brands to collect email addresses from participants and can even require participants to Like a page in order to enter a contest.


Supports Contests On: Pinterest and Instagram Piquora supports contests and sweepstakes on image-based social networks Pinterest and Instagram. With Pinterest, brands can see which pins are most engaging, as well as view all participants and their eligibility in a single dashboard. The platform supports a variety of promotion types and provides templates so users can customize their contest landing pages. Brands can also launch Instagram hashtag contests with Piqora, which can help users grow their community and get discovered on the social network. Additionally, marketers can create customizable mobile-friendly landing pages for their Instagram contests and can monitor participation through an automated tracking dashboard.


Supports Contests On: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest The Votigo social marketing platform supports contests on most of the ’Net’s most popular social networks. Brands can leverage the platform to launch integrated Twitter, Facebook and Instagram contests, YouTube video contests, custom Instagram promotions and more. By integrating multiple channels into social promotions, brands can maximum their exposure and engagement.


Supports Contests On: Instagram Brands can grow their Instagram following by launching photo contests through Statigram. In order to launch a contest with this platform, brands simply need to fill out a form and upload their Terms & Conditions. Then, the contest is promoted in Statigram’s contest directory and can be intertwined into a brand’s Facebook Page. Brands also have the ability to moderate contest entries, monitor contest performance and can announce winners and prizes on their contest page.


Supports Contests On: Facebook ShortStack enables brands to create apps for Facebook contests, promotions and sweepstakes. Through the platform, brands can store entry data, implement voting and entry restrictions, as well as allow fans to enter promotions via their Instagram feed. Moreover, brands can also launch user-generated contests, where fans upload videos and photos to be voted on.

These are far from the only platforms that brands can leverage to launch contests. Has your brand found success with a different platform? Let us know in the Comments Section below.


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Lisa Kaslyn, Prosper Communications 11-20-2013 10:14 PM Perfect timing!  I was just agonizing over putting together a Pinterest contest without stepping on a landmine — thanks so much for the great resources.  Keep them coming!

DennisR 11-20-2013 10:15 PM Sorry for the bad html link. Pls disregard previous post. Great article. Keep it up. I would like to share another product. The 360 Photo contest [] online software solution has been helping non-profit organizations raise money and engage their market in an easy-to-use online photo contest since 2005. As a leading Donate to Vote solution, the solution has helped Orvis, HSUS and hundreds of others raise nearly $3 million in donations for their non-profit organizations.

The Explosion In Local-Mobile Data Is Rewriting The Rules For Marketers

market 1

market 1 (Photo credit: tim caynes)

The Marketing Metrics Continuum provides a fra...

The Marketing Metrics Continuum provides a framework for how to categorize metrics from the tactical to strategic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A business ideally is continually see...

English: A business ideally is continually seeking feedback from customers: are the products helpful? are their needs being met? Constructive criticism helps marketers adjust offerings to meet customer needs. Source of diagram: here (see public domain declaration at top). Questions: write me at my Wikipedia talk page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Explosion In Local-Mobile Data Is Rewriting The Rules For Marketers


The check in is on the way out. But apps that use mobile location data are only becoming more popular.

Providing a useful service that encourages data sharing is the key to a successful location-based strategy. It is also the formula for creating a valuable, ad-supported app, as marketers seek information to power hyper-personalized, targeted campaigns.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we look at how location-based services have changed, what services are doing the best job of enticing users to share their location data, and other data like preferences and habits, and how marketers can then take that information and put it to use for hyper-targeted campaigns.

Here are some of the report’s key findings:

Access The Full Report And All Our Local-Mobile Data By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today>>

In full, the report:

Read more: