What is the Social Social Bookmarking sites?

English: Web 2.0 services

English: Web 2.0 services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where is here? (Expo)

Where is here? (Expo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An example of spam in a social networking webs...

An example of spam in a social networking website (i.e. orkut) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon in itself) presenting Web 2.0 themes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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What is the Social Social Bookmarking sites?

Social Social Bookmarking sites are service-emerged in conjunction with what is known as: the Web 2.0 revolution.
The main function: it allows registered members to Join Free save links to websites or content on certain sites that the user sees it important for him.In this way, it becomes each member of these services a list of links to sites and the contents of his favorite, reserved and indexed by the labeling process. Member can make his rumored list of all the registered members of the same service, and shall also have the right limited to only himself, without having seen it one.

It can also be found and take advantage of the lists of the other members, which often includes the contents of the Favorites to him, and so become the service is an interactive network, and social joint can be exchanged for individual favorites, indexed to different areas, as we have seen previously.

Social Bookmarking Sites list service is of great benefit both to Internet user or for webmasters that is their preference, also registered Internet user in these services have the potential to quickly access sites and the contents are important to him, in his study or work or otherwise. It is also important for webmasters that are saved in those services, because this conservation ensures certainly spread and reach of the contents of this site to new readers, and thereby gain new visitors to the site.